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Provisionning Videos

When I did the admin course at some point there where videos I viewed for manual provisionning, a RingCentral associate was showing each phone interface from web gui to how to provision, I'm triying to find them but seems the're not available anymore, anyway to find them.

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Hi Yves,

Previously (6 or so months ago), there were several videos showing the assisted provisioning steps for Cisco, Poly, and Yealink devices, plus a video that gave a general overview of the manual provisioning process through the RingCentral online account.

For a more streamlined experience, these videos were archived and merged into a general "Provisioning Your RingCentral Phone" video which shows the steps on how to access the assisted provisioning options for the various supported brands and phone models (and tells you to follow the next steps that will be shown in the RingCentral online account depending on the phone you chose), while also showing an overview of the manual provisioning process (getting the SIP settings for your RingCentral Digital Line and asking you to put them into your phone's configuration/ web GUI).

Now, if you are looking for more detailed references into provisioning your RingCentral desk phones, I recommend that you check out these support articles as well:

  1. Intro to deskphone provisioning
  2. Manual provisioning for Yealink phones
  3. Manual provisioning for Poly phones
  4. Manual Provisioning for Cisco and 3rd Party/BYOD phones

Thank you.

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The sub links in the first article are saying "Article not found". I'm specifically trying to open "certified and supported desk phones for RingCentral" and "Manual Provisioning for Third-Party Phones".

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Can you try to open the links again? It works on my end.

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They are working today. Thanks!

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