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How do I enable SMS. Do I have to pay?

SMS is not working. Can you explain why I have to send my credit card Information in to get this feature that we pay for back?

sending sms
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May I ask for more details? Just saying why SMS is not working does not help anyone to help you.

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Marsha Ramos avatar image Marsha Ramos Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

I have been on hold now for over 2 hours and they told me that the only way to get SMS reenabled was to do the following. This is a huge red flag for fraud. Authorization is not even spelled correctly.

How to download and submit the Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF)
The steps below are applicable to RingCentral subscribers in North America. For RingCentral subscribers in United Kingdom, click here.

1. Click here to download the Credit Card Authorisation Form (CCAF).
2. On page 1, select your requested transaction.
3. Complete all the fields on page 1 of the form, including your signature at the bottom.
4. Make a copy of the front and back of your credit card and your driver's license or passport, then add these copies on page 2.

• Make sure to cover the middle numbers when printing the front of your credit card. We only need the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card. Examples are provided on page 3.
• Make sure to cover the CVV number when printing the back of your credit card. Examples are provided on page 3.
5. Fax both pages of completed form to (800) 520-1568 or (650) 641-2698.
6. Once you have faxed the form, please send a follow up email to to confirm receipt. DO NOT ATTACH THE ACCOMPLISHED FORM.
7. RingCentral will complete the requested transaction upon satisfactory review of the information on the accomplished form.

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Gurpreet Singh avatar image Gurpreet Singh Marsha Ramos commented ·

Hello Marsha

Above information is correct and is not fraud (you can also find it here: As SMS is a paid service, our compliance department needs to get this CCAF completed before turning on this feature. If you follow the steps and notify , they will review your account and get back on this.

Also regarding spell check, I'll talk to our compliance team to get it fixed as per American English.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


Gurpreet S.

GPM, RingCentral Inc.

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Gurpreet Singh answered Mike Stowe commented

Hello Marsha

I understand your perspective. However, a lot of changes have happened in SMS world in last one year, and they are all carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) driven. All the 10-digit numbers fall under 10DLC compliance now, and we need to ensure that we are following the rules set by carriers (specially to avoid spam, fraud, etc).

We also have our own RingCentral SMS Guidelines

The SMS service gets suspended, if above guidelines are violated, and then there are few reactivation steps(including CCAF) that are needed to ensure compliance and deliverability.

More info in this blog:

Regarding your specific case, I have escalated it to our compliance team and you will hear more via your open support case.


Gurpreet S.

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Marsha Ramos avatar image Marsha Ramos commented ·

Thank you. It still does not make any sense to have to verify our credit card information to be able to get the SMS featured turned back on. Our company has utilized this feature for over a year now. I am not sure how a credit card verification form helps to enable to SMS feature.

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Mike Stowe avatar image Mike Stowe ♦ Marsha Ramos commented ·

Hi Marsha, unfortunately there are bad actors out there that try to misrepresent themselves as legitimate companies. When SHAKEN/STIR was implemented, many of these companies moved to using (or attempting to use) SMS. As part of the vetting process to protect our customers and prevent these users, we may require customers to verify their identity (along with ensuring their identity matches payment information).

We do apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand this is being done to protect your business and help prevent any of our customers from fraudulent or malicious actors who may try to impersonate them.

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