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Warm transfer holds user, hangs up initial call

One of my team members is experiencing an issue much like the one mentioned here:

Agent A accepts an incoming call from PNC.

Agent A puts PNC on hold and calls agent B to make a warm transfer.

As soon as agent B picks up, agent A's ringcentral puts agent A on hold.

When agent A attempts to un-hold himself, the line between agent A and PNC is disconnected.

None of my other team members are experiencing this issue. Does anyone have any support or clue why this is happening?

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It seems like we're getting this kind of issue lately. Please submit a Tech Support case so they can isolate this, @Symone Charles. You can go to

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I answered this and it's possible I should have commented instead. I apologize if this is the case.

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We have noticed that Ring Central Softphone 3-way conference calls and warm transfers disconnect callers as well. We were told that this is a known issue just about a week ago and the developers were working on it. We placed a ticket with Support and that the workaround for this is to turn off Headset Controls. We were told this is the only known workaround at this time and that our ticket was going to be added to a list of tickets to be updated when the developers reach a more permanent solution. Not promising anything just something you may wish to try to get by for a while. I know that doesn't sit well for those who have wireless headsets but......On another note we are also aware of the On Hold Issue where you do a warm transfer using the headset and the call is placed on hold once you connect the warm transfer. Clicking off the on hold button does complete the process but I am curious if the two issues are similar as 3-way conference calls are essentially warm transfers. Or so I have been told.

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