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Can't send messages using the soft phone and can no longer click to dial, this is happening organization ward. Please help it's urgent

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Hi @Suzen Masatunya, just to clarify, are all users experiencing this issue?

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Yes all users using the softphone are experiencing this

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If you're the admin on the account, please submit a ticket to Tech Support so that they can troubleshoot the issue.

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Curious, what point does the call fail. Our users are getting stuck at "Connecting" when dialing. Support has not been able to resolve and every log we send gets some response back as to why they cant use the logs.

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Hi @Travis Conway; I can see that your previous case was closed. Let me open a case for you and escalate it this time to resolve your issue.

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The call wasn't failing we just couldn't click to dial or send text messages. Apparently our Ringcentral needed an update and we finally got helped by a Sarah. she was super helpful but the wait time was insane considering it was an urgent matter. The back and fourth emails of instructions to do everything you have already done really didn't sit well with me

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Glad that your issue was resolved. Thanks for the feedback on your experience, too. We will coordinate it with Tech Support.

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