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Number of rings before voicemail - desktop & mobile

I think this is existing case JIRA RLZ-27176. UK based. Changing the time/number rings in the the call handling and forwarding section doesn't work. I have just the mobile and desktop apps set up for the extension. I want the call to divert to voicemail more quickly than the default but I can't change it.
call forwarding
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Hi Nicole

I have tried both direct and via a queue. It's currently set up as direct and here are the Call Handling and Forwarding settings

It doesn't make any difference what value I select in the ring/secs dropdown.

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Hmm, that's definitely strange.

What does the user's Screen, Greeting & Hold Music section look like? Could be that they have a greeting or connecting message set up that's delaying the time it gets to get put into voicemail. Screenshot of mine here:

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Sorin Kazangian avatar image Sorin Kazangian commented ·

Any updates on this? We're experiencing a similar thing where the phones (simultaneous) will ring for 3:30 min before going to voicemail.

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Tommydearest avatar image Tommydearest commented ·

Same here. Doesn't seem like something that should take a year to fix.

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nicole-orlanzo answered
Hi Janet & Jon,

In this scenario is the user being called directly or via a queue? I'm assuming directly, but wanted to touch on the queue aspect just in case - you may need to alter the caller wait time. For our queue calls, we have it set up so that if one of our reps doesn't answer within 10 seconds it jumps to the next person (for the caller's sake):

Assuming it has nothing to do with a queue, could you take a screenshot of the user's Call Handling settings? I'm thinking it has something to do with the forwarding order (Sequentially vs. Simultaneous) or the option under the Desktop & Mobile option. Here is a screenshot of my personal user settings (I use the RingCentral Phone application and do not have any other devices/forwarding set up):

Let me know how you make out and I will try to help further. :)
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Hey Janet and Jon Mier, sorry for the frustration. The Engineering team is still looking into this issue and how to fix it. I'm currently watching the JIRA and when they post an update there, I'll let you know!
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cameron-leslie12308 avatar image cameron-leslie12308 commented ·
its been 8 months... any update?

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Hello @cameron-leslie, apologies! No update yet for this JIRA issue. It is still open as of the moment. We will update this thread once we have a word from our Dev Team. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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Hari Ramsubramani avatar image Hari Ramsubramani commented ·

We have the same problem with our queue and direct incoming calls. No amount of resetting the number of rings seems to do the trick.

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Fred Kenney answered mary-community-moderator commented

Hello, I'm just looking for an update on this issue - has RingCentral found a solution?


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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi @Fred Kenney, it shows that the JIRA ticket is closed. Please submit a ticket to Tech Support to investigate the issue.

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