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Can I disable receptionist/attendant/IVR through API?

When you call, Ring central robot can say words like "Press 1 for customer support" etc that's what I meant by auto receptionist/attendant/IVR menu.

So I want to bypass this initial auto receptionist and have calls go to our application logic before routing to auto receptionist.

I think it's possible through API as API docs include somethings about IVRs.

Please let me know.

Thank you!

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You can create a custom company call handling and set the callHandlingAction=Bypass. If you want this rule always in effect, set the company business hour to 24 hrs. Then you have to provide the extension which will handle the incoming call. For this, you can create a custom IVR or call queue etc.

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Thanks for your answer.

But, after creating the company call handling, It will be always in effect.

If the conditions(based on the webhook logic)are met, the greeting should be ignored.

Otherwise greeting is required.

i.e. sometimes necessary and sometimes should be ignored the greetings by app logic.

Is it possible using API? If so, could you possibly let me know how?

Thanks again!

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