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call log historical limit?

I've been trying to write a custom report for our front desk and I seem to be running into some sort of historical limit for the call log. Ideally I would be able to get 90 days worth of data so my range has been between 6/12/2020 and today. I've tried two different approaches; the call log route and the call log sync route and both of them stopped fetching results after 1441 records.

When I view the same date range from the analytics portal, that same extension has 2800 records. Looking into the data, the last results I am receiving are from 7/31/2020. Is there some sort of previous date limit for call history that isn't documented (or at least readily visible)?

For the call log route I was reading the navigation tab and if a next page URI was present I would cue up the next request and end it when there wasn't. For the call log sync, It didn't seem to like the format of my date (which worked well for others) I just read until the responses were empty.

Thank you!

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I don't know how you read the call log but it could be that you hit the API rate limit. Please read this article and make sure you don't exceed the rate limit while reading your call log.

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When hitting the rate limit it sends a 429 response code because that is very much what was happening when I first started. Definitely not happening in this case. Thank you though!

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Are you reading the company call log or an extension call log? Can you make the date range smaller and compare.

BTW, the call log you download from the analytics portal may have different count due to its different presentation (separated calls from call legs). But I don't think that it is your case because the difference is to large.

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