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RingCentral: can't add a guest member to a team

We are unable to add guest member (contacts not inside the company) to any team/thread. We're able to do this before Christmas holiday but we can't seem to do this since this morning. We have tried the RingCentral Classic App, the new Unified App and the Mobile Phone App. The add member button is there but it's not doing anything or not doing further actions when being pressed.

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we are having the same issue. Except we can add some guests but not all. And the guests we can't add have been added to other teams prior.

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Hi @nax-nacua, have you already tried to uninstall/reinstall your app?

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I've done this as well and the web version doesn't work either. It used to work before Christmas.

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We are also having the same issue and I've configured external guest control. We are no longer able to add guests to any teams. It seems like there was an update after Christmas and it messed things up.


I am now having the same issue. I can no longer add any guests to teams. Existing guests are ok, but we can't add anymore to any teams.

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This option actually needs to be enabled from the external guest that you're adding:

You will need to use the new RingCentral app to do this : or download the desktop app:

1. Navigate to Settings via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click the Administration tab in the left pane
3. Click on the Allow conversations with guests dropdown under Company settings and select "All Users"
4. On the Allow external guests to start conversations, toggle the switch to on to start conversations with external guests.

We really don't have to do this option before so I can only guess that RingCentral push an update recently.

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That's what I did and it still is coming up with the error.

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We can't add guests and we also are unable to task a lot of our guests which is making it very difficult to run our business, as we were able to rely on this until this week. I have called, messaged and can't get help ANYWHERE with this company. Very, very unimpressed. Also do not want to use the new version. It is awful.

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I am still having this problem since December 24th. Even with the suggestions that were made earlier to allow conversations with guests under Company settings. That doesn't seem to do anything.

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@nax-nacua Please check external guest control settings to make sure guests are allowed to be added on your account:

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I think it's configured correct as we're able to add members without any problem before.

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I've done this, but it still would not allow me to add guests to teams anymore.

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You need to this option from the guest-user that you're adding. I guess you will need to instruct the external guest to have this option enabled.

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You will ask those new guests to turn-on the "Allow external guests to start conversations." option from their RingCentral account, not from your account.


It's very inconvenient if you ask me but it did work.

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I did do that but half the people can see it and half can't with the newest version. They have the same version as me and have downloaded it 5 times off the website today. The people that can see it works, but the people that can't doesn't work.

Also, it doesn't help the fact that I can no longer invite guests either because it gives an error message.


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If the guest user that you're adding is part of another account, you may want to ask the RC admin of that company to enable that option. Otherwise, the admin option should be there if they sign-up for their own RingCentral account.

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