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Page tone/beep too loud

We are using a RingCentral recommended CyberData 011146 as the SIP paging server to integrate with our legacy paging system and amplifier.

When someone initiates a page by using the hard phone key or dialing *84, we are having volume issues.

It seems that RingCentral adds a "beep" tone at the start of the page. The beep tone that RingCentral adds is significantly louder than the speaking volume of the person announcing the page. We have struggled with normalizing the volume between speaking and the RingCentral beep through volume adjustments on the amp and in the CyberData web UI. We have not had good results.

The CyberData SIP paging server has the ability to play its own page noise or beep when a call is connected, but it does not block the incoming RingCentral beep. It is the case that we can have both the CyberData and RingCentral beep play at the same time, or we can have the RingCentral beep alone.

There appears to be no way to suppress sound for the first 0.25s of a call to block the RingCentral beep.
There appears to be no way to customize the RingCentral beep.
There appears to be no way to change the volume of the RingCentral beep.

Does anyone have any tips on how we can normalize the speaking volume of people making pages relative to the RingCentral beep tone before the page?

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Codte Ziegler avatar image Codte Ziegler commented ·

I also have a customer who said the sound level on the intercom beeps is unbearably loud. @ringcentral Please look to add sound adjustment on this feature. Thank you


I just had a customer bring this up as well. They say the beep is blindingly loud. Please consider adding on to this feature @ringcentral. Thanks

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Codte Ziegler commented ·

Hi Codte, kindly share this in our Ideas Portal at

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Ken Stone avatar image Ken Stone commented ·

From Greene Broillet And Wheeler Company,

We have an active an account with RingCentral, The beeping sound is too loud for cyberdata device.

i called your company and ask assistance with one of your technical support and we were not able to find the solution even if we already access the portal for Cyberdata. We need immediate action for this issue to get resolve for the bepping sound is too loud and distracting. My Case ID is 13675756. Please have someone to check an resolve this issue for me ASAP

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Ken Stone commented ·

Hello Ken, as mentioned by other customers above, they have the same concern, and we don't have the settings to adjust it. Kindly submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal at

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Alex Jacobs avatar image Alex Jacobs commented ·
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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Alex Jacobs commented ·

Thank you @Alex Jacobs.

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