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How do I use my own custom ringtone on Android

I'm on latest version of RC app, and using a recent Samsung S20FE. I can't find out how I can use my own custom ringtone for the RC app. I know I can use the same one my actual phone uses, but I want a different tone for RC phone, and I don't want one of the built -in tones.

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Hi @Arto Basmadjian , there is no option to use a customized ringtone in the RingCentral app. However, you may add a feature request at

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I tried adding a suggested feature, but the form keeps telling me that the extra information field is required, even though I am filling it in...

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Hello @Arto Basmadjian! Apologies, can you try to post the idea again, please? Click this link to know more Thank you!

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