Does Siri work with the RingCentral Phone iOS app?

  • 14 February 2019
  • 13 replies

Trying to find out if Siri works with the RingCentral app so that I can make hands free calls while driving.

13 replies

Yes it does.  To be sure I just said, "Hey Siri call 4155551212 with RingCentral"

Additionally, if you mark RIngCentral as the default phone app for any given contact, it will use RingCentral as a default when calling that person. Then all you have to do is say, "Siri, call John Doe" and she will, using RingCentral.
Oh wow! Awesome! I will be trying that out on the commute home later for sure. Thanks for the helpful responses!
The new iOS app name is "RC Phone"

I've tried "Hey Siri, call 555-555- 5555 with RC Phone" but Siri replies "I wish I could but RC Phone hasn't set that up with me yet".

Today my support agent said this functionality does not exist. He told me to reference him: Martin Vincent J.

downloading the "RingCentral" app.
Now it works! 

I wasn't using the other "RingCentral" app. I had only installed the RC Phone app , kept it current and was unaware of the this app on the App Store.

Thank you for your help,  J.B. Ferguson
Now, if only I could remove the Glip icon from the RingCentral app. Lol
Is there a list of Siri commands that work with the RC app?
When a call comes in from my RingCentral app, is there a voice command to "answer" the call?