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Get to Know Your Customer Day Giveaway! - Only a few hours left to enter

Hey there! We want to get to know you on this awesome day (and everyday, honestly) so we've put together a fun giveaway :)

Share a few things with us and win some cool RingCentral Swag!

  • Tell us how you use RingCentral products.
  • Tell us about your team.
  • What area/region are you located?
  • What is your industry?

BONUS POINTS: Post a pic from your office/of your team!

Leave your details in the comments!

We're so excited to get to know you better!

P.S. here are the giveaway rules

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We have used RingCentral phones for several years now. We are in Western Michigan and our office is in Muskegon, MI, right nearby Lake Michigan. We are an Area Agency on Aging and a Non-Profit, so we are we employ HIPAA setting within RingCentral.

We presently have over 100 users on the system. I know, we do not use all the features, there is just so much. We use hard phones, calls transfer to cell phones, call queues, call monitoring, HUD, love call switch, the analytics are great. We use the Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad and Android. We only use RingCentral for Internal Faxes, which has been good and bad. Some vendors cannot accept Internet Faxes, that has been a bear. We have used RingCentral Meeting for Video Conferencing, but since our plan only permits 3 users on a video call, we are looking for a different vendor for conferences. We are working on getting staff working with RingCentral App (Glip). Most are still using RingCentral Phone.
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Thanks, Catherine! I used to live in Traverse City, MI :) I miss the lakes a lot.
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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ catherine5235 commented ·
Great to know you, Catherine!
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bjsvec avatar image bjsvec commented ·
We are a customer and a reseller.  We have used RingCentral at our office in San Leandro, CA for over three years.  I also have a desk phone at my home office and we all use the mobile app to stay in touch with each other and our customers.

We specialize in voice and also provide and support cable and network infrastructure for customers around the San Francisco area primarily, but have various customer across the country and some outside the US.

This feel like a plug, but you can see our pictures and more about us on our website: Our site is in need of a refresh and missing RingCentral info at the moment.. ;)

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ bjsvec commented ·
Always excited to hear from you, Brandon!
Nice to see your smiling faces!

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