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Group Rotation for only Incoming Sales Calls


I have sales staff who are currently on the group rotation setting, which the next call incoming is handed to the member of staff with the longest phone idle time. My staff are actively following up with customers and also calling each other as some WFH. I found out that outbound and internal calls also reset the idle timer, putting them to the bottom of the queue for a fresh inbound sales enquiry. Which doesn't really seem right to me.

There is a sequential option but this is reset after each call. I was wondering if a feature could be introduced based on turns, which isn't reset after each call, so each member of sales staff has an equal chance of getting the enquiries?

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This is a great idea but you need to register this feature request here in idea portal:

Only then the RingCentral product team can look into and track this request and can implement in future version.

Please create a new feature request with all your details and requirement in the portal.

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