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Credit Cards Not Working

Customer for over 8 years. Trying to update expired card on file. Super simple right?


I keep getting this error
We were not able to verify your billing information. Please confirm that the billing information is correct or provide new billing information. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact customer service at 1-800-591-6543.

I've call my bank and credit card company. Both say the card is fine. Since then I've tried 3 other cards, all experiencing the same error and all functional.

Billing chat agent asked me to call. First billing agent over the phone says there's a fraud call my bank...even though I've told them I have. Next agent hang up on me. Last agent puts me on hold for 30+ minutes now.

I don't get it.

On top of that, they cut off our phones! 15 people sitting there for hours now. Who will be paying for all this downtime? They know there's issues with their billing system and they cut us off??

No urgency from anyone. No supervisors are available to help.


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@Jason Wright I'm looking into this.
Please shoot us an email to keep the conversation going as we work to escalate.


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