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How get billing issues addressed? AutoRenew broken?

My bank indicated my charge from RingCentral was possibly fraudulent. It turns out RingCentral has way over-billed me. Again. It looks like RingCentral moved us into their highest tier plan during AutoRenew. I cannot get access to a live person via their contact prompts at the support number, cannot get a message returned, and have my call dropped after waiting over half an hour on hold. This is during stated hours though it doesn't seem to matter what time I attempt to reach them, the result is the same. Does anyone have a better way to have billing issues corrected?

Plan shifting within AutoRenew has happened more than once since we signed up most of 10 years ago. In the past they had "eliminated" our low volume plan and moved us up to something more expensive. Our fees on the same low volume usage are now up about six fold and this amortizes out to twenty five dollars per call, which is obviously unacceptable. Previously, with enough persistence RingCentral would walk back some of the increase. The pressing problem now is, even if we're willing to go through these hoops to mitigate this again, we cannot get anyone to respond. This has been a pattern for us and is becoming harder to see as an isolated mistake; is anyone else experiencing this up-sell problem with their AutoRenew?

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Hello @Douglas Carl, we can coordinate this issue with your Account Manager. I would suggest send us your account detail to Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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It has been some days since I did this, and still have not heard back.

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Apologies, we've sent an email to your Account Manager. They will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Who can I contact for billing issues? ive been trying to get a hold of someone on the phone and it has been impossible. Ive been way over charged for services i haven't used.

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@Kayley Torres I see an open case regarding your issue.
You can work with support directly with case number 12034340

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I don't know that you can. In prior years when I was over-charged, with effort I could eventually get in touch with billing and then they would correct, or at least lessen, the charges. Like you, I called a number of times and not being able to reach anyone, I left a message in the appropriate voice box. That was 6 weeks ago. The only response I’ve received has been on this forum, and I re-sent my credentials as suggested, but clearly there is no priority put on service.

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@Douglas Carl I do not see any cases open for your issue.
I would recommend opening a case via the support page so that someone can reach out to you regarding your issue.

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I've created a new case, we'll see how that goes.

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I am dealing with this now for three weeks and have had to deal with this every year we are with RingCEntral. They do not consult me, do not ask my needs, increase the rate by hundreds of dollars for the same services as the year before without approval or explanation. When I call I leave numerous emails, VM's, no one is ever available. Finally get my account manager, Veronica Gapuz, I am dismissed, told this is the right amount even though it is nearly double last year, told I just don't want to pay for my services which isn't true; I just don't want to pay double for the same services as last year. I email and ask for a higher level supervisor, am told no that she has the account and charges correct, I ask again in another email, never responds back, I email again, no response, call, no response, call again, told I have an appt, no one calls during appt time, email for the 4th time, ask again for a higher level manager, get a call from Veronica's coworker...we will see what happens now.

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@Patricia Thorn Kish If you have created a case, please share the case number with us via email at and we will assist further.

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Patricia Thorn Kish avatar image Patricia Thorn Kish Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ ·

I'm sure I do have a long case # but I do not know it.

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@Patricia Thorn Kish I have been in touch with the agent managing your case - she indicated you asked for a call back today at 8 PM or tomorrow at 2:00 PM.
Please continue to work with this agent. If you are not able to connect with this agent, please let me know so I can follow up with them.

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Sorry to hear that, sounds like I may not have much to look forward to, aside from jumping through more hoops. If they double the amount for a plan then they should require your approval. I really don't see how they can increase charges through autorenew; we agree to pay a price for a service, not be billed any amount they later decide. Keep us posted, as will I.

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