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How to set direct number as default in RingCentral for Salesforce

Every time a user logs in, the Main number is set as the "From" number. The preference would be to have their direct number as the only option on that list.

Settings --> Calls --> "Make my calls with" is set to Browser


Any ideas?

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@Mark Schultz I'm currently digging information about your question. Thank you!

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Don't bother Mary - I've been asking for that feature for a while... well, that and the ability to only have the extension use only XXXX number - not be able to choose block, etc.


That setting is hidden in the Extension Settings - in a field you wouldn't think:

Go to a user
Click on the tab for 'Outbound Calls/Faxes'
Click the down arrow to expand on Caller ID.
The field you want is in the lower-right - the 'Alternate Caller ID'

Setting this to the number you want the extension to use will set it from that point on.

Have fun.

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This ultimately solved my issue. Once I set the correct Direct Number for "RingOut from Web", this number was selected as "From" when I logged in. Thank you very much for assistance, @Joe Cache and @Mary-Community_Moderator !

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This is great, @Joe Cache! Thanks for having our back!

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