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outgoing call error

When making an outgoing call i receive this error "cannot call network error, please try again later"

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Hi Kim, are you using a data connection or WiFi?

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I have RingCentral set for wifi or mobile data and yes I am on wifi. When I turn the wifi off in my phone settings RingCentral will let me place an outgoing call but why does it do this, my connection is much better attached to wifi. I am also able to receive calls with everything set as it is just outgoing calls are the issue.

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Have you already tried to uninstall/reinstall your app?

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That's literally the only thing I haven't done. I'll try that.

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I have now uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and have the same issue.

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Please submit a ticket with Tech Support so they can check the issue. You may go to

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I had this issue back in Feburary 2022 and they never followed up on my case. I just reopened a new one today to figure out what's going on. I've only been able to use data to make calls and answer calls for the time being. It is only on certain wifi networks though. I can use it on my wifi at home, but not on the wifi at the office.

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Hi @Karli Mackley, your case has been assigned to an agent. Please check your email so you can start troubleshooting.

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