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Get SMS for all extensions as webhook

I've been reading others trying to achieve the same as me, and was just hoping someone could confirm the correct approach. This is a multi-company application, so we're using oAuth to set up the webhook

1. Admin user signs into RingCentral through our oAuth call and gets a token (and i set up a method to keep a fresh token)

2. We read all extensions and set up a message-store webhook to get SMS for each extension (Do I need to set up separate incoming and outgoing events to capture messages moving in each direction?)

This much I can handle (I think), but it's maintaining this that I'm unsure of:

3. How do I set up a webhook to alert me of new extensions or removed extensions? Can someone point me to the endpoint docs for this?

4. If I did have such a webhook event, I assume I'm able to add a message-store webhook event to capture SMS of the newly-created extension using a token I've kept refreshed since the admin user initially gave access to the account?

4a. I'll need to use a 'get webhooks' method to see what extensions I have message-store events for to prevent duplicate events for the same extension- can someone point me to the right endpoint?

This all seems unnecessarily complicated to me. Is the above the right approach? Are there any plans to add a method that simplifies subscribing to all extensions at once (as with other provider's APIs eg. Dialpad)?

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Your understanding and approaches are correct. Here are the answers for 3. and 4.

3. You can subscribe for this event to get extension notification.

4. When you subscribe for events notification, save the subscription id and use it to update the subscription when you need to add or remove any event in the event filter.

4a. Before updating an existing subscription, you should always read it and update it by modifying the event filters or other params then update it.

No, there is no plan to have an account level for receiving SMS messages of all extensions under an account.

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Thank you. I'll proceed that way.

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