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Why is time after external transfer included in handle time?

See the example. The green highlighted time that is actual talk time (and hold time) amounts to 2 minutes, but the total handle time is 39 minutes, as it is including live talk after external transfer.


Also here, since that seems small:

Is this a bug that can be corrected? Is there a way to exclude the external time?

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doesn't make sense for ringcentral to track the duration of a call that has left their system.
you have 3 parties in your case.
1. person who transfers (we can infer this is internal person/sb in your company)
2. person who is transferred
3. recipient of transfer

if both 2 and 3 are external people, you shouldnt be able to see the live talk after transfer. However I am not 100% confident and will try to reproduce this scenario on my end and see what I get

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