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How to reassign old employee extension to a current employee?


We have a voip phone with an extension who belonged to a former employee. A current employee moved to that desk and I am trying to reassign that phone/extension to that current employee. I changed their display name but when I try to change the email to send the current employee the invite to set up their account I get the duplicate email association. How can i assign the extension to that user?

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Hi Arturo,

If I'm reading this right, you want to assign the old phone to the new/current user, not the extension.

In the Admin panel, Under Phone System - Phones and Devices - User Phones find the phone that's on the old desk and select it.

On the next page:1695237078978.png

Click on the Edit User, and assign the phone to the person moving to that desk. Check the other setting while you're in there, and Save.

The phone should reboot, and when it comes up - the current staff name/extension should be on it.


Now... if you were thinking of just renaming the user on the old extension - there are other items of note to be aware of - the glip, sms, calls, etc. all follow that RC account record. If you just rename the user - when they log in, they'll have access to all the old sms, messages etc from the old staff.

Best thing we've done is just change the extension number (it's just a field - we add a 9 to the front, so in this case it'd be 92101) and create a new mobile user, set it up with the extension you want, and assign the new user. Then move the MVP license to the it, and you have the new user setup, with the old extension number - with none of the old glips etc.

You then have a record, if needed of the old messages etc. The hardest bit to wrap around was that the extension number is just a field - there's a behind the scenes RC number for that account record - so it's best to start with a fresh record.

That make sense?

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