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Voicemail email notification delays

We are experiencing intermittent delays in voicemail email notifications. I double-checked our server and we have Whitelisted the notification email address as well as RingCentral's domain name. Has anyone else experienced this issue and were you able to correct the problem? Is this a known problem with the voicemail email notification feature?
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Hey KH,

Could you expound upon what kind of delay you're experiencing? How long is it?
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Hi KH, are you still having issues?
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This is happening within our company, just noticed it yesterday....Is anyone else experiencing the same issues again? And RC are you aware of this and do you have any open tickets on it currently?

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Hi @becky-nabors, this is an ongoing issue and a ticket is currently open.


Parent: 12180095

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It is NOT ongoing for my company. It just started. So this is new and I will place my own ticket on it. Thank you

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