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3 and 4 digit extensions existing fine in the same system?

I'm really new to RC, sorry for the noob question.

My RC setup has both 3 digit and 4 digit extensions.

All my users currently just use the RC app. So "dialing" an extension is literally just choosing the person's account they are trying to contact.

I haven't used a physical desk phone on RingCentral. Let's say one user has extension 400 and another has extension 4000. If a person is trying to dial ext 4000 how does the phone/RC know they aren't trying 400? Do they need to dial # or something after?

Thank you!

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I chatted with tech support and they said it should "just work". The system waits for a period of time with no key presses. So typing 4000 fast enough will result in ext 4000, not accidentally ext 400.

I'm still looking for someone else to verify this is their experience.

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Based on personal experience, it works perfectly.

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We've moved from 3-digit to 4- for the whole company, but then with staff leaving and us wanting to preserve the RC chats, we've started adding a 9 to the front of the extension, so 1601 becomes 91601 - and still works just fine.

I will say not to use single digit extensions, as any IVR may/may not (phase of the moon?) send a caller to that extension - rather than the next level (or group) on the IVR! (that was an interesting bug/feature)

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Why did you move all extensions to 4 instead of leaving some 3? Were you experiencing any issues having 3 and 4 digit extensions at the same time?

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The company was/is growing, and I made the decision to use a 'site code' as the first digit - that way each site had 1,000 extensions across departments. Also gives us enough breathing room on extension numbers and allows us to recycle an extension after six +/- months once staff leaves.

No issue with 2, 3, or 4-digit extensions - just stay away from those single digits! ;)

The phones have programmed a 'DTMF delay' where they will wait 'X' amount of time before sending the number to be dialed. X can be defined on the phone side via the phones GUI. (if you have Polycom or Yealink phones - I can send you some screen caps.)

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