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Cannot use ringcentral meetings (the standalone desktop program) anymore because it is retired?

The information from ringcentral had been consistent about all this up to this point: we can still use the non-integrated meeting desktop app for now.

Among others…

Because when we login to the latest ringcentral meetings standalone program version 21.1.40031.0329, we were getting the message about retirement inside the program, we reached out to RC tech support last month to confirm and received the same consistent information as above.

However, this all changed for us on Friday June 18. When we sign in to the program, we get the usual “We’re retiring this app in X days …”, clicking on Continue to log in, our people are now getting the following and cannot continue. “This app has been retired. We've upgraded this app to the new RingCentral app. To keep hosting and joining meetings, get the new app at”

When our organization reach out to RC tech support Tier1 then Tier2, because they can’t seem to figure it out after trying different things and checking settings but still getting the same thing when using our account credential on their end, they are now just saying we need to switch to the unified app because it works in there.

It been frustrating, since we still want to continue to use the separate ringcentral meetings desktop program for the time being. I just want a solid answer. In case there been miscommunication, or the message is inconsistent and confusing…

Has something changed and/or our account been migrated/transitioned/Whatever and we now have to use the RingCentral app to host meeting?

OR should our company still be able to continue with the non-unified ringcentral meetings desktop program?

If it’s the latter, should we file another ticket or talk to our RC account rep?

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From what I can see, your company is using RingCentral Meetings. You would just be using it from the unified app instead of the Classic RingCentral app. The new RingCentral app should function, from a meeting standpoint, the same as the Classic app.
If you haven't already, eventually, you will be automatically migrated to the new app, as the Classic app is being retired. You won't be able to submit a ticket to revert back, as this is a company-wide migration.
I hope this helps, but if you have specific questions, please feel free to share them here or shoot us an email at

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This is hugely disappointing from many aspects.

All previous communications, about customers can continue using the standalone desktop program at this time is a lie/misinformation. If there were miscommunication it is only one way from RingCentral to Me the customer. Epic failure solely on part of RingCentral, no question about it.

This undermines my credibility, whom took the time to evaluate and review your prior information and confirm with your representative that the standalone program will still function at this time, and provided that information to my organization.

The new unified app ‘should’ function the same as the standalone app, is not the point and it does not. It lacks crucial feature parity, hence is not usable for my need. Effectively, we were forced off a functional product to a non-working one, without anyway of going back. I will try to communicate with the unified app’s Product Manager directly about the shortcoming. I now have to utilize my valuable time to assist RingCentral once again.

I can list numerous other points, they are all critical and negative, but I will stop as I reached the reply limit and believe I got my point across.

However, I do thank you for having the courage to finally come clean to truthfully state what is going on and not contest about your mistakes and faults. i.e. We been kicked off the standalone RingCentral Meetings desktop app, contrary to what was assured numerous times from multiple current sources that it won’t happen.

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