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Formatting Texts

Good afternoon,

I'm trying to see if there is a way to format the text messages we send like the regular messages in ringcentral on the desktop app. If there is not a way currently is that a feature we can get in the future?

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Hi Tanner, someone shared an idea about text formatting and it was already implemented. Can you please check on this link if it is what you're looking for?

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Good afternoon Mary, I reviewed the link and that is not exactly what I'm looking for. It looks like that link is for the "messenger" so the IMs to people within our organization.

I'm trying to format cell phone texts sent from ringcentral to make them look like I am in this response (adding a space between the message). It does not look like there is any formatting option for the texting feature in ringcentral just the IM/Messenger feature.

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Thanks for clarifying, Tanner. Please share this in our Ideas Portal so it will be available in the future. Go to

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