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Fundamental Issues w/ the RingCentral application

I want to point out some design flaws w/ the app in case RC is listening:

1. Message icon/feature

- uses the standard text icon, yet it's not for texting

- texting is found under phone, always confusing because the text icon is front and center, yet it's not for texting

2. Meetings are named Video

- Why labeled Video? what if I'm starting a meeting that is not a video meeting, audio only or screen share? It took me a while to figure out that I click the Video button even when video is not involved. It still feels wrong to click Video for a screen share.

-- just rename this icon Meetings?

- Join a meeting - why is my personal Meeting not defaulted? I always have to choose it

3. Messaging feature itself

- stick to your core functions. We use Slack for group communications

4. Workspace

- Tasks/Calendar - ditto above, stick to core functions. I'll use Outlook for task and calendar

It feels like the attempt to create a broader application dilutes the functionality of the core services, phone and text. RC Phone, despite it's flaws, was a better application.

sms and text messaging
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Thank you for providing a review about the RingCentral App @peter-wagner. We'll make sure that we'll have the Product Team check on this.

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These are great reviews. Can all these be placed under feature request in idea portal?

That way it will be easy to track and implemented

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Where is that?

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ peter-wagner13877 commented ·

@peter-wagner For feature requests, you may submit it at

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