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Can you bulk delete text messages?

Is there a way to bulk delete text messages?

In the old windows app, you could select multiple threads and delete them all at once. Now you have to go through and delete one by one. I send/receive hundreds of texts per day so it takes a lot of time to clean out my inbox.

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Hi @Kelly Enser, in the new RingCentral App, there is no option to delete bulk SMS. Please submit a feature request here.

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Thanks! I just voted for the numerous requests for this in the Feature request.

In the meantime, has anyone figured out a work around? Maybe something like zapier?

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Thanks for voting! We will raise this feature to the Product Team.

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Hooray! I have to tell my client that his 95 voicemails will have to be deleted one by one!

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You may ask your client to log in on the online portal instead. The option to delete multiple voicemails is available there. Here's a KB article on how to check voicemails in the online account.

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The online portal only seems to have the option for voicemails, not texts.

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That's right. SMS is only available in the app.

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