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Calls not working


First, Happy new year and second, excuse my english.

I have a big problem with install of RingCentral on my company on differents PC and maybe some people has already see that.

On W10 computers, i install ringcentral.exe (not msi) and all functionality works (meeting, chat ...) but not calls but work on the chrome extension. When i tried calling to web app same problems ?! If i uninstall the windows app and the chrome extension, same problems in web app.

I haven't error message, the call is started and hang after seconds.

On the same computer, same windows user account, if i launch w10 sandbox ... the calls via works with same ring central account, same microphone and speakers ?!

If i launch web app on a different windows user account, same problems.?!

If i connect to windows or web app on a differrent PC (with no problems) with the same ring central user, no problems ?!

The problem is found to laptop, desktop, AD account, local account, network with firewall, home network ...

If someone have a idea because i am blocked :-/

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @Sebastien L. Would you please create a Technical Support for this issue? You can open a ticket here.

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