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how can I send a vcard to iphone?

I can send vcard (vcf) files to android phones and they work perfectly. When I send to iphone users the file just appears as a text file.

What I have tried:

I created a vcard in outlook, saved it as a vcf and sent it to android and iphone. It worked on android but not on iphone.

I forwarded a contact from my android phone to iphone and that worked fine - one click to add to contacts on iphone.

I forwarded that vcf that worked on iphone over to my ringcentral phone. Downloaded the vcf and sent the same file back to the iphone and it broke again.

This tells me something about how ringcentral is handling vcf makes iphone not like it - but android has this figured out.

This feature is critical, prospects that save our contacts on their phone have a 30%+ higher buying tendency. It helps clear spam blockers for email when it is a recognized contact. It helps for picking up the phone when we call - spam blockers, etc etc.

Help! Maybe there is another method to text a contact to iphone?

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@lee-l I'm digging information on your concern.

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Hi @lee-l iOS doesn't support vCard, but I made a research and these tips here may help.

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Hi Mary, thank you for the link. Do you know why Android is able to send a vcf contact to ios? The same file passing through Ringcentral does not work but directly texted from Android to ios seems to work fine. I tried editing the vcard file to be version 3 and making sure F and FN were on the file but that did not work.

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I sent a contact from iphone to ringcentral, it came across as .vcard and would not download on the softphone PC app and gave an error. On the ringcentral android app it did allow me to download the .vcard file. When I sent that .vcard file BACK to the iphone it did not work. It is odd to me that Android can send vcard files to an iphone but Ringcentral cannot. I tried several of your methods including changing the version of the file, changing the extension from .vcf to .vcard. Nothing seemed to work when sending from Ringcenrtral.

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Hi @lee-l, this feature is not available for iOS users, would you please submit a feature request in our Ideas Portal so that our Product Team can check on this?

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This is a tremendous disappointment. How can a business utilize a phone/text communication platform where we cannot share an outlook contact (vCard)? And "submit a request", c'mon, has no one seriously thought about the necessity of this capability previously? We must have a solution asap. Thank You

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Yes, I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to send a vcard from RC to iphone users and it not appear as a text file on the receiving iphone. Would be nice to have some support on how to accomplish this within the RC platform.

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