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Why are faxes I'm sending now in TIFF format?

I just sent a fax and was going to print the cover page. However, when I attempted to do so, RingCentral is downloading it as a TIFF instead of a PDF. It has ALWAYS downloaded as a PDF since 2016 when we started using RingCentral!! I tried to access faxes I sent last week and they are all trying to open in TIFF format. WHAT HAPPENED?!?

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Karen, please coordinate the issue with the Tech Support Team to check the issue. Create a case here.

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Joshua Collins avatar image Joshua Collins commented ·

Same issue here. The TIFF format is such that it cannot be read/viewed by the built-in Preview app in Mac OS 12.2.1. We'll open a case as well. Thanks for reporting this, Karen!

*edit* BTW, you can use the RingCentral App to view your sent faxes. It has a built-in TIFF viewer. There is also an option within that viewer to print the TIFF. Try printing the TIFF to a PDF within the RingCentral viewer. It's annoying that we have to jump through these hoops, but hopefully this helps!

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Erin Lally avatar image Erin Lally commented ·

Any resolution to this? I can't view faxes on my mac or iphone w/ tiff format.

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Karen Van Horn avatar image Karen Van Horn Erin Lally commented ·

Hi .. I had to access the faxes through the RingCentral App as Joshua suggested (thanks!) and have been using that ever since. I just checked my desktop RingCentral thru Windows and it appears to be back to normal.

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