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2 headsets - how to disable/make one preferred?

I have a Plantronics headset and Jabra speakerphone attached to my PC (W11)

Ringcentral keeps defaulting to the Jabra. In fact I never use the Jabra with RC (desktop application), so I want to either disable it completely, or at least make the Plantronics headset the default.

I have tried downloading each of the "apps" for the devices seperately, and also together. Nothing I do persuades RC that the Jabra isn't the main device. It always shows the Jabra as connected and active and the Plantronics as connected and not active.


This is possibly an interaction with Teams which I also use, and use both headsets for.

How can I just remove/disable the Jabra from RC?


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May I know what happens when you turn off the Jabra? Does your Plantronics not automatically connect?

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Here's with both plugged in:


And here is when I remove the Jabra from the USB


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Are you using Windows or MAC?

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Sorry, I see you're using Windows. Would you please try to turn off the Headset controls in the app? Check if your Plantronics will work.

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