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RingCentral is requiring users to reauthorize after every update

We are currently trying to upgrade users to RingCentral 23.2 for Windows 10. For context, I am the application packager and am deploying the application through SCCM with a powershell script that performs an uninstall of all previous versions and then installs the new versions.

In the process of doing this, and in the last few upgrades that were done (to 23.1.1, and 23.4, etc) we are encountering issues where the users are prompted to deauthorize the application on their computer. This is occurring even though the user device have not changed- it's an upgrade on the same hardware, same computer name, same identifiers, etc as the previous version.

Could you please tell me how we can get the version upgraded without the user being required to deauthorize on the same device, or provide more technical information about this issue and how to resolve it? I have tried logging a case online but I am getting an error "Something went wrong. Please reload the page or try again later." when I attempt to submit the case.

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