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Dialed Digits are repeating when dialed from Desktop APP

When talking to clients we use a recording service, the agent calls the client, then merges them with the recording service.

While merging the calls a code has to be put in (claim #) so that the recording can be pulled up at a later date.

I have 1 (all other agents have no trouble) agent that has an issue with the code, when she types it in via the dial pad or using the numbers on her keyboard the numbers duplicate.

No trouble with placing calls otherwise

EX: she dials 12345, but it registers as 1122334455

therefore the code is rejected because it is too many digits.

Has anyone seen this issue before, if so, what was the resolution?

Maybe RingCentral is not the issue, but if I report the trouble to the Recording Company I can tell them I already researched the RingCentral side

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normally I would suspect a keyboard issue, but the agent should have noticed this issue in other apps and other parts of her work... Still I would have them test inputting the code in different ways:

-using the numbers above the letters on the keyboard
-using the numbers on the numpad on the right side of the keyboard
-in the app opening the dial pad and clicking on the numbers with the mouse

I would also try to reproduce the issue outside of RingCentral and outside of the recording service. Meaning try to see if there are some other apps on her computer that also double digits (e.g. Notepad, Word, Excel, Browser, any place you can input text)

As a temporary workaround I think using the mouse and clicking on the dialpad or deleting 1 digit after each key press on the keyboard would work.

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Thank you for the reply, a few of your suggestions we have tried already, my next step is to go to the vendor of the call recording system we use.

we have a couple hundred users that record calls with this same scenario, no one else has any problems.

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