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Clarity of my mic

I'm a remote call center agent for a remodeling company! I have my router on my desk so I can use an ethernet cable I turned off the WiFi I've tried using a Jabra Evolve 2/30 and still I've had to call a customer back on my personal cell phone I went and bought a Logitech Zone wired 750 still bad clarity! Can I hook up a regular desk phone at home instead of using a headset I just have to make sure my call time is still being logged through RC that's the way my hours are tracked.1. Reorganize the sentences to make the text more concise and easier to read. For example, instead of starting with "I'm a remote call center agent for a remodeling company," try starting with "I'm having difficulty with my current setup for taking customer calls from home."

2. Provide more context about the specific issues the agent is facing with their current setup. This will help the reader better understand the problem and provide more targeted solutions. For example, instead of just mentioning "bad clarity," try providing more information about the specific issues with sound quality.

3. Offer specific suggestions for alternative setups that the agent could try, based on their needs and preferences. This could include recommendations for different types of headsets or desk phones, as well as information about how to ensure that all times are still being logged through RC.

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maybe it is not the mic. Try recording something on sites like and see if it records your audio properly.
Are you using VPN?

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Thank you for your response! I check the clarity on the link you provided it was clear?

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how do I check the VPN?

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You should be able to disconnect or pause the VPN.
Try making calls while you are not connected to the VPN, and see if the issue is still there.

If the issue is gone, we know it has to do with VPN. I am not sure what you can do to resolve this, but somebody could know (or we could check google).

If the issue is still there, after disconnecting the VPN - then it's probably your internet, but I am willing to bet more on it being a VPN issue.

For now the most important thing is to narrow down the cause, later we can also try to find a solution.

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