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Adding a co-host to meetings with ability to start the meeting

How do you add a co-host (co-organizer) to a meeting, so that if the host (organizer) is not available, the co-host can start the meeting?
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Hello Beth,

Here is some information regarding the Co-Host ability. There is also this article.
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From what I understand a Ring Central co-host is not the same as a GoToMeeting type co-organizer.  A GTM Co-Organizer can start and run your meeting even if you are on vacation and un-able to attend.  A RC co-host can only be assigned after the host has started the meeting. Is that correct?
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Putting in my task vote for this functionality as well. We are trying to get off GTM, but not being able to have someone run a recurring mtg when another organizer is on PTO is an obstacle.
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Same here - need to have a co-organizer for covering vacations
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This seems like very basic functionality to have for business users, what's the hold-up?
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I agree this is a necessary feature that should have been available ages-ago.  In Outlook, when an assistant sends a meeting request in Outlook, all the replies go to the manager.  That is because the manager delegated the assistant on behalf of the manager.

 In Ringcental when an assistant creates a meeting for the manager there are many factures that can go wrong.

1.      The assistant has the feature enable join before host, enabled but

2.      If the manage does not have this feature enabled in their desktop app or their phone app, all callers are caught in a loop.  Guess what, waiting for a Host Code.

3.      Manage cannot get out of loop because they do not have the Host Code.  Oh and guess what the meeting is not in their Upcoming List to edit or restart.  The meeting is listed in the assistants upcoming list.

 A very simple way to solve this is to add a Host ID along with the Participant ID.  A simple task to do.  This way if you cannot make the meeting, all you have to do is give a colleague the two codes, simple.

Dont tell me that this is available because it is not available in the variable scheduler.

 It is only available if you use your static meeting id and participate id.  Imagine an assistant who works with 5-6 managers and schedules multiple meetings.  Schedules multiple meetings in one day.  If one of those meetings is pushed back or moved up, cross contamination.  Now you have callers joining a current call.  Client confidentiality destroyed. 

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Please add this feature. It allows administrative assistants, for example, to schedule meetings for their Manager --- something they are expected to do as part of their job tasks. This is an expected feature that should already be in place.


Please add this feature. It is available in Zoom for Business and allows admin assistants, for example, to schedule meetings for their Manager. This is an expected feature that should be in place.

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Hi Kyle,

This feature is being requested, You may vote for this at

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Please add alternative or co-host feature.

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