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Ridiculous bug/"feature" that strips original caller ID when a call is forwarded from a call queue.

I'm told by support that if an incoming call that goes to a call queue and then is answered and forwarded to another user from there, it treats the call as a new call in the call log and strips caller ID and replaces it with the main company number.

This seems like the most basic setup a decent size company could have. Someone calls in to an IVR, they push 0 to get to an operator. This sends them to a call queue of available operators to answer. They pick up and act as a receptionist and decide to forward the call to me internally. As soon as they do this, the original caller id is stripped from the call. So on my end it looks like my main company number is calling me. Even if the caller leaves a voicemail, I have no caller ID from them.

I'm told by one support rep that this is a feature. I can't believe this doesn't effect more customers. I've dealt with countless phone systems being in IT and this seems crazy to me. Does anyone have any work arounds?
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This post is 3 years old, but I was just asked about this yesterday by our call center. Wonder if @ringcentral has an update on this 3 year old post?

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I found those controls under the Call Queues:1616168591856.png

The pull-downs allowed for the options, and it's set per call queue - no master setting.

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