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Please change outbound caller ID to my company name ASAP

We are using the Plycom desk phone and I am being told I cannot change the caller ID on outgoing calls. When I call clients or potential clients the caller ID is not my business name. It is the name of a man who used to have this number via Verizon. This is unacceptable and I need to have this issue resolved ASAP.
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This is a directory issue not a RingCentral issue. You are at the mercy of a decentralized database that has to be updated by the receiving party's carrier. Each provider has to pull from the database to receive the updates, so different people could see different IDs for your number depending on their service provider.
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Thanks for your response Lee. I spoke to a rep at Ring Central just prior to my post and he indicated Ring Central is working on this and cannot resolve this issue at this time. He recommended that I post this so his superiors who monitor these posts would see yet another post regarding this issue. Your explanation is not very encouraging as to my issue getting resolved. I am not sure where to go from here. But having clients see some gentleman's name and not my company name is not something my superiors like very much. Thanks again for your response.
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Hey there, please review this KB about CNAM and Caller ID. Lee is correct that sometimes the smaller carriers do not update their database on a regular basis, like the larger carriers do. Also, I don't see a recent case on your account for this issue, so not sure who told you to post the issue here. 

So, if everyone you call (all who have different carriers) sees the wrong CNAM, then our Support Team needs to look into it, because it's possible that something wonky happened. You can enter your number in here to see what the large database has for your info.
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I entered my number and sure enough it comes up as some gentleman's name that I will not post here. I spoke to a rep at Ring Central earlier today and his name is Russell Cruz. He did not give me  a case number come to think of it. Anyway it seems like there is nothing I can do about this. It is not very professional for me to be calling clients and or potential clients/customers and not know whether or not the recipient of my call is seeing my company name or that other person's name. I have a feeling if we were to leave Ring Central and go to some other VOIP or some other carrier I may have this same problem??
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It's quite possible, but I can't say for sure. I would open a case and ask that it be investigated since it seems odd for a name to show up. 
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