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Error Code 3003 - Cannot delete this meeting

When a meeting is cancelled, I receive Error Code 3003 - Cannot delete this meeting.  I receive the pop up several times.  I can close out of the error code pop-ups and the meeting is still deleted, but I should not be receiving this message
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I'm having the same issue and I'm unable to cancel the meeting. Quite annoying. Only started a few weeks ago.
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Hey Beth and Brett,

Could you provide more details? When are you receiving this error message? Where are you trying to delete the Meeting from?
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I receive the message when I am cancelling (not deleting) a meeting from Outlook, but the error message is generated from RingCentral, not Outlook.  And I receive it multiple times - close one error message and another instance pops up - up to 4 times.  But the meeting does eventually cancel and I can "x" out of each instance of the error message.  
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Hi, Beth! Use this button to create your support case.

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Ok. Are you by chance trying to cancel the Meeting during its scheduled time? Or are you cancelling it hours beforehand or after it's scheduled?
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Trying to cancel hours (or even days) before the meeting is scheduled.
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Usually this occurs when you are trying to cancel a meeting series made by someone else. To resolve, have the original meeting scheduler delete the meetings or grant you permission to do so.
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Hi Dean, 

In the case I have been dealing with, it is the owner of the meeting who was having issues with deleting a meeting, I would completely understand that an error code would be thrown up if someone else who didn't own the meeting was trying to cancel it. 
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