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Apple Watch no longer supported?

Hi folks... So I recently purchased an Apple Watch -after making certain a number of months ago that indeed Ring Central DOES support this device... only to find out today that Apple Watch is no longer being supported. I contacted my account manager, who put me in touch with tech support, who then spoke with the Integration Team and apparently there's nothing to be done, even though users who currently have the App can continue using it, just no new downloads are available.

I'm an owner/operator of a small service business in Canada and the MAIN REASON I got the frikken watch is so I could easily monitor inbound messages from my wrist without having to fish out my Iphone each and every time a new message pushes through!

Questions: 1. Why isn't this important app being supported, and 2. When will it be re-integrated?


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I am frustrated by this as well.  I have voted, and I hope they bring this functionality back. 
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where did you vote i cannot find the feature request?
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bob-robinson3288 avatar image bob-robinson3288 commented ·
The first call I ever took on my Apple Watch Series 3 was a RingCentral call.  I miss this integration.
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Update... OK, this is weird and even more frustrating. I'm out on the road doing my service business work, Iphone in pocket, Apple Watch on wrist... Out of the blue I'm getting alerts on my Apple Watch that Ring Central voicemail messages and texts are getting pushed onto the RC App on my phone.

I can see that the messages are coming in -which is great by the way- even though I have not been able to download any sort of RC Apple Watch app.

As for the text messages, I can see them on the watch, open them up, and can attempt to reply by texting on the phone but my replies don't send from the Apple Watch... grrrr.

So close... Ring Central is just teasing me at this point!

Here's a photo I took of a text from a lead... 
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I am pretty sure this how it is supposed to work and always worked.  I have had RC and Apple Watch and it has never allowed you take or make calls.  It just shares alerts with your phone like most other apps that are compatible with watch.  If you forward your calls to your mobile then you could answer them on your watch.  Best.
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bob-robinson3288 avatar image bob-robinson3288 bjsvec commented ·
Brandon, as I mentioned above, the first call I ever received on my Apple Watch was a RingCentral call (not forwarded to my cell, but actually using the RC Phone app).  I suppose I'm going to have to add my mobile to my Call Handling settings if I want to get work calls on my watch.
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Chad avatar image Chad commented ·

When I get a RC call, I'm not being alerted on my Apple watch. I've read through the supported features and FAQ articles on the RC site and nothing on there has been able to help me resolve this issue. I don't really even care about being able to answer the call on my watch, but I'm missing calls because there's no alert on the watch until after I've missed the call. Are there any updates on this issue?

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Hi! Since you've followed the guide in the article and your call notification is still not working, please submit a ticket to Tech Support so they can investigate the issue.

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This may help!

Here are features supported on the Apple Watch

Here is an FAQ about the Apple Watch for RC

This article goes over some other things that are or are not supported
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