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Desktop popup stalls randomly but often

While using the desktop app on Sales Force Classic, the popup that should comes up after clicking on a phone number often take 10 to 30 seconds to appear or not at all. This is very random, will work for a string of calls then stop. Then start working again then stop. Closing the browser and reopening, logging off then back on has little or no effect. Win 10 all updates done on Chrome.

A wait or kill dialogue box often shows up after a number (less then 30) clicks on a different phone number are ignored.

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Hey Rick, 

I've reached out to our Salesforce integration team. I'll let you know what they say! 
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Thank you so much. 
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hi @Rick. I am from the integrations product team and I have not seen any other reports related to the issue you have described. Our testing of the click to dial and the launch of softphone looks good. Have you opened a support case for this issue? If not can you please open a support ticket so that the team can look at your specific scenario and work with you to collect debug logs. Please reach out to us at with the case number.
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Hi @Rick, Also wanted to let you know that we had a fix on the desktop app that was rolled out recently and I suggest you upgrade softphone to the latest. 
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Hello and thank you for the reply, yes a ticket was created and support moved me to a chrome extension on the second  share/ take over of my system, as I log calls manually so specifics can be noted. He mentioned the update so assumed when he took over my system he did that as well. Most all my calls are outgoing. 

I only use MS windows when paid to deal with it so nothing other then bare minimum is on this system or browser. 

How can I tell if the app was updated? 

Thanks Again 
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The latest version reflected on my RC Phone App is 

You can also check if you are on the latest by going to Help->"Check for updates"

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