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Network is unstable dropped call?

Call was dropped and an Network Unstable appeared on the mobile app.

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Looks like the app is using wifi. (No LTE indicator for the carrier) Does the wifi network meet RingCentral network requirements? More information is required.
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I'm interested in this as well, following. I guess I don't understand, the screenshot shows he has 2 bars of network AND WiFi?
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I have two users that are experiencing this issue of "Network is unstable".  I am not sure if type of phone matters but they all have iPhones.  I have an android and have not experienced any issues using the App.  I have asked them is this a bad error or carrier dead zone, and they all say that is not the issue.  Please advise, I would like to know why this is happening.   
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Hi Tony, 

If your user's network meets all of RingCentral's requirements, I would have them open a case with Tech Support to research exactly what is occurring. 
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Are there any instructions how to deal with this?  I see Jessica's post to read the recommendations, but that's just the user guide and I'm not sure where to specifically look for step-by-step instructions to correct the issue.
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Hey Tiffany, 

I'm just aware of the network requirements and recommendations. You could open a case with our Tech Support team, and they can help confirm next steps and troubleshooting. 

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Hi Danni, 

Check out RingCentral's network requirements and recommendations here
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