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HUD showing Anonymous instead of employee name

HUD is only showing "Anonymous" and the extension instead of the employee name.

How do I get it to show the names again?

See below:


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@taiya-nah, would you please try to uninstall/reinstall your app? It could be a glitch in the system.

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Okay I just uninstalled and reinstalled, and everyone is still showing as anonymous.

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That is weird. Would you please open a case so the Tech Support Team can investigate the issue? You can submit a ticket here.

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This is occurring for at least one employee in my organization also. He sees "Anonymous" for a handful of his direct-reports in the HUD and cannot see them in the Contacts tab of RC Phone either. Uninstalling/updating/rebooting, etc. doesn't change anything for him...

Meanwhile, the affected extensions show up perfectly fine in HUD and contacts for other users.

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@Joe Swain, please have your employee open a ticket so it will be reolve. You may provide this link.

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