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Fax cover page

when sending a fax-how do you enter in all the info on the cover page (name, what fax is pertaining to, etc)?
I know similar questions have been asked but it has been over a year, so I thought the answer may be different.

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In the RingCentral app, there's no option to customize the cover page yet. It's best to add it first in your Personal contacts so that when you enable Cover Page, it will automatically fill out information such as Name, To, and From. Then you can type other details in "Cover page notes.

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When I send a fax to a contact, the "TO" information does not populate. Any suggestions?

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Hi @MaryBeth (MB) VanTill, there is now an option to create a custom cover page in the RingCentral app. You can check the KB article link below.

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With RC desktop phone app you can customize cover page

You can put cover page name, details, description, name, address, company name, contact etc

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For those with the new RC desktop app with no fax cover page editor...

I would create a MS Word or other text file with the cover page you desire, add this to the file you would like to fax or attach it as one of the files to be faxed (attach the cover page file first!) and then use RC to send the fax with NONE as the choice for cover page. This is what I do....

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Thanks for sharing this, @Richard Williams

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