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Pressing # for door buzzer no longer working?


We recently changed our AA from single level to multi level. Everything is working except for our after hours side door buzzer system. Typically someone would press the button to be let in, all the phones in a ring group would ring, someone would pick up the phone and press # and it will unlock the door.

After switching to the multi level IVR pressing the # button no longer unlocks the door. The phones do ring. Right now on the IVR we have a custom rule when you press the door buzzer it rings a specific number. If that number is called it sends the call to the correct ring group. This is exactly the same as it was for the single level AA

I have checked the call logs and I can see the door buzzer number is in the from field. Our main number is in the To field. I can also see which extension in the group answered the call.

My only initial thought (I am still new to RingCentral) is switching to multi level AA that the # button is set to repeat the menu greeting. I am not sure if this is overriding unlocking the door or not.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I can provide more details if needed. I only made changes from single level AA to multi level AA. No changes where made to any ring groups or individual extensions.

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