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Delete Direct Message in Desktop App

We're unable to delete Direct Messages. When we assign a new user to an existing phone/extension, the new user's name is inserted into the Direct Messages that the previous user created. For example, Dick and Jane are sending Direct Messages to each other. Jane quits and then Bruce is hired and is assigned Jane's old extension. The Direct Messages now look like they are between Bruce and Dick, and they can't be deleted. So Bruce now is privy to all these messages that aren't his business. I don't understand why the Text Messages are easily deleted, but the Direct Messages are apparently untouchable.

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Hiya Matt,

you need to add a new user and delete the old one to get rid of the messages, voicemails, call logs, etc. There are a few ways to go about this, I am going to share what I believe is easiest;

To be deleted: Jane
To be added: Bruce

1. Go to Users > Unassigned Ext. > Add unassigned ext > add a user without a license and without a number as the pic below shows.

2. Enable the unassigned ext. for Bruce (Name, Email address, Ext. number)

3.Go to Users > click on Jane > Devices & Numbers > Actions > reassign to > select Bruce
This reassigns the license/phone number from Jane to Bruce.

4. Disable Jane's ext. and then Delete it.

Of course in your case you already have renamed Jane's ext. to Bruce. Which means you just need to create another ext. for Bruce and delete the old Bruce ext.


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Hi there - I really appreciate you taking the time to help me! It looks like we have some different configuration that is stopping me, as I can proceed no further than your picture. I'll figure that portion out somehow and carry on with your solution. Thanks again! Stopped.png

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I spoke too soon, and I was able to progress through your steps. I was a bit confused at the end of the process but figured out I needed to set the user's credentials and then the system allowed me to Enable the new user. THANK.YOU.

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