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Fax in RDP session

We have RingCentral installed on a Windows 2016 server that end users RDP into. RingCentral was installed using the msi installer and the server was put in install mode to install RingCentral and the print to fax driver.

Using the RingCentral app to send a fax works fine. The problem is when printing to the RingCentral Fax printer through any programs the fax window from the RC app never comes up (faxing works fine on the console session of the server, only RDP sessions are affected).

I am able to see the print jobs being created as a tiff file in C:\ProgramData\RingCentral\Fax\Spool. The users RDP sessions have full control/permission to the fax printer and C:\ProgramData\RingCentral\Fax\Spool. The server being used for testing currently does not have any policies to lockdown users sessions.

Has anyone ran in to this before or have any thoughts?

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I am running into the same problem.

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Have either of you created a case for this issue?
I'd be glad to look into it further, but had some trouble finding your accounts.
Please let me know if I can help further.

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