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Can make outgoing calls, can't receive.

I have 4 desk phones. I can make outgoing calls to mobile and landline numbers.

The problem I have is when I try and call my main number or a direct number I am prompted with the greeting but none of the desk phones ring.

I get the "Please hold while i try and connect you" message and music.

Then after about 30 seconds it goes to voicemail.

What have I done wrong?

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Hello David,

I would also check the settings under the extension's Call Handling & Forwarding. Sometimes people forget about Advanced Rules or the settings on the Desktop apps & Smartphones. I often suggest having the latter be set to 0 seconds.
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Also, I would check the Do Not Disturb setting for the extensions in 4 places: 

1) The mobile app
2) The physical phone itself
3) The softphone (desktop application)
4) The RingCentral webportal

When people can make outgoing calls but are not receiving inbound calls that is the next place I check. Hope that helps!
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Sounds like you have something programmed in your Screening and greeting tab of the extension. 
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Hi just wanna ask why am I not receiving inbound calls? what will I do?

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Hey, Jacob!
We would ask that you create a case with Support.
They'll be able to troubleshoot this issue. 

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