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Where to View Text Messages when Logged in Online

I am logged into my account online & I can't find text messages anywhere. I have both sent & received text messages via RingCentral. I see the "Messages" area where I can listen to voicemail & view incoming faxes. I cannot find text messages anywhere. I can view them in the app, but not while logged in on the website. HELP! Thanks!

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I can't find my text messages anywhere not in the desktop url and not in the glip app. Why does this have to be so complicated???? And why are there different urls or apps, why isn't everything accessible in one place or another. This is a development flaw. I keep getting notified of text messages and have no place to read them!
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it's unbearably stupid that we can't see texts on the desktop without jumping through hoops
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Hey Meg, that's weird...have you contacted Support about this? 
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Did this ever get fixed? If so how? We are having the same issue!
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I agree with customers Jennie and Meg - we should be able to read text messages while on the RingCentral Admin/Users web portal (same place where we can see the call log and voice messages) and not need Glip or any other app or website. Moreover, the location of text messages should be intuitive - same as it is so easy to find our contacts, the call log and voice messages - so we don't need to view a tutorial every time someone sends a text msg to our main phone number.

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This part of the system is not intuitive in the least.  I have to look at the phone all the time to get texts coming into the office.  Too bad, as the rest of the system seems to be pretty okay to use.  
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You won't find them in the RingCentral Admin/Users web portal. You can see them in the Windows/Mac application called RingCentral Phone (previously called the RingCentral Windows app).

Are you trying to find them in the web portal or the computer application (Windows or Mac)?
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The Mac application doesn't even work on Catalina. 
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Hello Lucas!

Which application do you have? is it the RingCentral Phone or the RIngCentral Unified App?
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Hi Jennie,

You should be able to view your text messages under the "People" on the left side rail of the web app. However, as Jan mentioned, this requires you to be signed into our web application, Glip, specifically. The URL for Glip is Please let me know if that fixes the problem!

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your request and we can continue to troubleshoot.
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