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Hi - Does anyone do personal tech support for Ring Central that i can hire?

I want to hire someone to help me
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In New Orleans. I only need a few easy things Like re-recording my main message and the only complicated thing is forwarding my main business phone to my new "Call Joy" virtual receptionist  who will on certain prompts send it back to Ring central. 
I can pay via Paypal
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Coll beans.  I'm in Atlanta and here until 5 PM 404-220-0000.
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Ring Central is nice but sometimes confusion. Dan helped me cut through the clutter and set up my phone system with ease. I could tell within one minute of my phone call that I was in good hands and that it was gonna be done right!  Dan knows the Ring Central platform backwards and forwards.  Forget the community boards, - I'm going straight to Dan from now on. Dan's the man!
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I do, but where are you located?
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What's wrong?  Most people are willing to just help.  

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Have at Danno.
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