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Long delays receiving voicemails via email

On both our main line and individual extensions, when someone leaves a voicemail it is taking about 40 minutes for the email to be sent.  We are using multiple email hosts (Gmail as well as a corporate email server) and all are experiencing the same delay, so the issue is definitely on the RingCentral side.  

Is anyone else experiencing this?  We have requested support on this issue multiple times, but RingCentrlal continues to want to blame our side.  

This delay is unacceptable and is costing us business.  Our stated return call times on a voicemail to our main number is 5 minutes and there is no way for us to meet that right now.
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Yes, it is a known issue, and my company has been dealing with it for months.  Incredibly frustrating.  
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Have either of you logged into the RC web portal and confirm that the voice-messages are showing up in there immediately?  This will just confirm whether its the RC notification-email service or the the voice-messaging function that is causing the delays.

We have built our own email notification service that uses the RC API functionality.  We did this originally to provide more customized rules for how / who we send notifications to (including our own archive)  But we also don't rely on the RC email notifications.
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Good suggestion.  I ran a test.  In the RC web interface, the voicemail appeared immediately, but if I clicked on "View as Text" it said "Not Ready" or something to that effect.  After 8 minutes, I received the email with the transcription and attachment and when I went into the RC web interface "View as text" worked.  

I guess the bottom line is that it is the transcription that is causing the delay.  I guess the logical solution then would be to turn off transcription -- however -- that is not a great solution since it means multiple people will need to open and listen to the attachment -- coming from our main line.

If anyone has a suggestion for a workaround, I would love to hear it.
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Where do you find the RC API for voicemails? My boss is asking about building something like this. Thank you!

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Once again another non-answer accepted by the moderators. This is such a joke. RingCentral, DO YOUR JOB and fix the problem. This is a long standing issue and needs to be addressed. Asking customers to "open a ticket" isn't acceptable. The support reps seem to have no idea that this is a known issue and are not competent enough to look up the information in your systems. Customers are subjected to a lengthy runaround when they try to open a ticket on the issue because the reps try to deny that the problem exists and use the typical "blame the customer" tactics to try to avoid dealing with upset customers.

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It happens with my mobile app and RC Phone app on my desktop as well.  I never use the web portal.
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I can no longer send meeting invites from via Gmail. Get Gmail server connection email message. This started after app update. All working just fine so not sure why it had to change
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All - Our understanding is that this issue has been resolved.
If you are continuing to experience an issue, please reach out to us directly at and we will escalate it as an incident for the attention of our teams.

I understand your frustration and ask that you work with the Community team to move this up the chain.

Please include your account information in your email so we can directly tie the issue to your specific account.

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