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Feature Request: Show outgoing fax number for every user

At the moment only the main fax sender/recipient will display the company fax number on outgoing fax messages. For every other user that sends a fax, the main phone number will be displayed instead of a fax number.

This needs to be updated as soon as possible. It is an essential feature for multiple fax users, especially where a fax response is needed.

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The request will be reviewed by the product team for consideration.

Check here:

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Done, thank you very much.

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Absolutely does - thanks, we are just keeping on top of ensuring that accepted answers are actually accepted by the original person asking the question - we have seen several that were not, which greatly decreases the value of this help forum - glad to hear it is being processed properly in this case. Thanks for the reply.

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Posted under ideas, thank you very much.

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Lucija, did you "accept" that answer, or did Anirban mark his own answer as accepted?

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@Cote_Business Systems

Per my confirmation email "jenn-community-moderator has accepted an answer by Anirban Sen Chowdhary"

I hope this helps.

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